Zoopla Vs OnThe Market


Zoopla issues a press release stating the how well OnTheMarket (OTM) are performing. Hitwise** information provided to Zoopla state that OnTheMarket is failing heavily in gaining a major market share in the property portal war. In January 2015 it was predicted that OTM would initially expect a high growth for the first 6 months "a honeymoon period”, however it now seems that the honeymoon period has come to an end sooner than expected.

Whilst OTM have done well at securing listings, they have been unsuccessful in growing an audience. Getting listings are one thing, but you can not claim to be the second best portal simply by the number of listings you have; if this was the case, aggregators such as Nestoria would win by a milestone.

In reality, the number two player will be the site that delivers the results and this has to be measured in leads generated. With the traffic at the levels it is at the moment, OTM can not be delivering the same volume of leads as Zoopla or Rightmove.

If you are a vendor and looking to sell or rent your property quickly then choose an agent who is with Zoopla and Rightmove. OTM just isn’t cutting it … Do a simple survey; ask 10 friends if they were looking to buy a property, which 2 property portals would they use?

Don’t have your property sitting "on the market", choose your Estate Agents In Shoreditch wisely. 

** Hitwise is a product of Experian Marketing Services, a division from Experian, that measures behaviour across desktop, tablet and smartphone devices.