Why Government Bashing has Become the National Pastime


WE, you and I are subsidising the Rich to live in Government controlled council housing, getting fat off us who do not enjoy that benefit. Look at the figures supplied by Money Week to put the spot light on council housing and miss-direction of benefits.


Ask the estate agents at Nelsons in London, we all know council tenants don’t pay commercial rents, but do you know just how much their rent subsidy amounts to from our Tax coffers.
A new report just out from the Centre of London estimates that the “average London social household receives £5,300 subsidy every year”. With the average rent on social housing being £102 a week it's only at the 50% mark of commercial rent. Outside London the subsidy amount is somewhat lower, more like £3,600, but that’s still proper money. However the odds are that you don’t mind this particularly. After all, you probably think that council housing/social housing is only for the needy and the poor and that we have made a decision as a socialist country to provide a welfare safety net for the needy and the poor. This however is THE problem, council housing isn’t just for the needy and the poor only, we should evict the rich from council housing, they should be doing business through regular estate agents in London.
The same report points to the 115,000 social tenants in London which amounts to one in six who earn more than the average London income. Those interested in this will remember the general outrage last year when it was leaked that there are some 15,000 council tenants in the UK earning more than £60,000 a year That number may be as high as 34,000 and 6,000 of these sponging blood sucking parasites are earning more than £100,000 a year and that is Only the declared income! The total of these vampires across the country amounts to more than a fifth or 720,000 social tenants who earn more than the average wage. And the Government could not be bothered. Bash, bash, bash.

How on earth could this happen? These people can afford to pay for houses to rent in Islington, or even better, the could go for houses for sale in Bethnal Green. Just check the control and how it is allowed, then remember you don’t have to be in need to put your name on a council house list. Look at the official site on this and you will see that the only actual requirement is that you are over 18. You do not even have to live in the area in which you are applying for taxpayer subsidised accommodation. Nuts, isn’t it and that is where the we dump our tax.


 Average readers will know how daft the UK government’s increasingly desperate attempts are to prop up house prices in order to keep our banks looking vaguely solvent. They will also know how we feel about the proposed Help to Buy scheme which effectively forces the taxpayer to partially underwrite the mortgages of people who wouldn’t ordinarily be able to borrow money at all. It is the kind of thing that will end in tears and sink Britain with all the estate agents in Shoreditch as well.

Albert Edwards said; “burdening our children with more debt (on top of their student loans) to buy ridiculously expensive houses is seen as a solution to the problem of excessively expensive housing” when “lack of purchasing power should contribute to house prices declining or stagnating (relative to incomes), hence becoming affordable once again.” Although that is so much more than a mouthful, you have to pay it a lot of attention, it still boils down to fact. 
Why are the houses too expensive in the UK, simple, too much debt. So what is George Osborne’s solution for first time buyers unable to afford housing? Also simple, arrange for a government guaranteed scheme to burden our young people with even more debt!
Bash, bash, bash!!