What is Client Money Protection?


What is Client Money Protection?
As a landlord you will have a very important decision to make when choosing a letting agent.  With so many estate agents in Shoreditch choosing a fully regulated agent is paramount.   Nelsons Shoreditch are a part of a selected few Shoreditch Estate Agents  which choose to be fully regulated.  As a result, you can be assured that Nelsons Shoreditch will have Client Money Protection in Place.

What are the benefits of Client Money Protection to agents?
Protection of clients' money, giving the public further trust and confidence in dealing with you, our members.
A differentiator setting you apart from those who do not belong to a professional body and who do not have CMP in place.

My letting agent tells me they have client money protection. What does that mean?
It means that should the agent misappropriate your rent, deposit or other
funds the scheme will consider an application to compensate you.