Welcome to the new revamped Nelsons website, it has taken us a long time preparing the site and we are rather proud of the results!  There are still ongoing tweaks and adjustments being made, so I am sure you will notice further changes in the coming days and weeks.

You will notice many new features within the site; in particular the new blog section offering useful information and the latest property news.  Apart from property news, we will from time to time share interesting stories from within the local area.

Another feature prominent throughout the site are the social media buttons, these will be utilised in two different ways.  First of all, if you like the site or you simply like us at Nelsons, then we will be happy for you to be our friend on Facebook or follow us on Twitter!   If, for any unlikely reason you are not happy with the site or the Nelsons service, then we would appreciate you contacting us through the contact page to tell us why.   Every single property on the site will have its own share section where you are encouraged to share with your friends through Facebook, Twitter or Google +.

We are now in the process of further developing our Facebook page, so you will soon be able to conduct a thorough property search solely through Facebook. The way we search for properties is changing and we are determined to stay at the forefront of this change.

I’m sure you will have noticed the QR barcodes on each property page; we think this would be a great way of saving paper and reducing our carbon footprint!  So, instead of printing property brochures for our clients, we now encourage simply scanning the barcode and downloading directly onto your smart phone.

I will end this blog by asking you to send me your comments and thoughts on our new website.  So, until next time, enjoy the beautiful sunshine...