Top Tips From The Nelsons Shoreditch Office For Property Sellers


The estate market in London keeps gaining a distinct momentum as the year draws close to an end. However, this situation is usually determined by a number of factors. The number of homeowners has also increased and many towns and cities have recorded an increase in the demand for homes and properties. Houses for sale in Islington are recording a good rise and the situation is generally encouraging.

As a buyer or a seller, you need nuggets of advice in order to make the right decision. Shoreditch estate agents can give you the right advice so that you make good decisions.

The following are the top 5 Top Tips from the Nelsons Shoreditch office:

Do not rely on the sidelines

Buying properties through Shoreditch estate agents is not as easy many people think. Gone are the days when buyers had to wait for the market to hit bottom so that they could purchase at a cheaper cost. If your budget allows you, it is time to take advantage of the interest rates. Buyers are advised to be ready to make any down payments and not to rely on the home prices to go down. The best thing is to be prepared for any kind of down payments if you want a good property in London.


If you are a seller, the first impression is very important. Most of the buyers are now searching for properties online and this is a clear indication that the photos you put up will be of great significance. You have to come up with top notch photos from the best photographers so as to create a good presentation. The best shots should be taken reflecting the depths of the room and all the vital areas that attract buyers. Shoreditch estate agents advise sellers to repaint dark rooms before taking these photos.

Wise renovation

Remodeling is one of the most fundamental factors that must be considered when you want to sell a property. The remodeling process should be handled with utmost sobriety with key areas of the house being given priority. The simple home remodeling you could do include repainting, kitchen remodeling and general fix ups.

Come up with better marketing options

The home you want to sell should be marketed creatively in all the venues including social media platforms. Most of the sellers are tapping into these potential marketing sites in order to stimulate the interest of buyers. You can also get the help of Bethnal Green estate agents so that your property is marketed to foreigners and all the potential buyers abroad.

Nothing should be left to chance

The house should be through inspected so as to eliminate any possible mistakes that may deter the buyers from purchasing the property. Apart from the faucets, other notable areas to be checked include the lights, water pressure, air conditioning, the toilets and the closets.

Either way, the situation in the real estate market has always been thawing and sometimes it is unpredictable. However, if you are planning to buy or sell property in these areas, Shoreditch estate agents have plenty of advices and tips that can make your selection easy.