The plummeting cases of landlords who ignore tenants’ pleas when notified of failures and faults that qualify for immediate repairs


 Borrowing from credible statistics derived from surveys conducted recently, 34% of private tenants are an aggrieved lot after their landlords adamantly refused to tend to their pleas and repair faulty electrical and other equipment. In most instances, these tenants have been forced to deal with these regrettable occurrences using their own means and have ended up withholding payments from the unresponsive landlords. Notably, the Association of Independent Inventory Clerks (AIIC) has responded to the grievances of depraved tenants who have at times been forced to make do without hot water during bitter winters.

 Landlords having stakes in houses for rent Islington will now be required to abide by the new regulations which amongst other things set the maximum response time allowed for each incident depending on its prioritization. Owing to the serious nature and dangers posed by water leaks, landlords will be required to respond to them within 24 hours. A maximum period of 48 hours will be allowed for these landlords to respond to faulty cookers and an additional 24 hours to repair other home appliances such as washing machines and dish washers. Estate agents Islington and landlords are also mandated with the task of advising the tenants on how to deal with these situations while at the same time follow up with contractors to turn off major electricity supplies, water cocks and gas taps. Under the new regulations, communication is also a vital component and landlords will be required to develop a communicative rapport with their tenants and update them on the ongoing repairs. Advisedly, landlords and tenants should liaise with estate agents Islington to successfully effect the regulations.

 AIIC chairperson, Pat Barber, has voiced the association’s displeasure with adamant landlords who forego their responsibilities and ignore the problems facing their clients. Citing an example in which a landlord took seven weeks to repair a faulty boiler during cold weather, Pat Barber also stated that tenants should shed off nervousness and complain when stuck with faulty home appliances even after having notified the landlord. In his hard-hitting statement, he also cited a myriad of other faults that houses for rent inLandlords Islington and other areas should be free from. Wouldn’t you be utterly aggravated if your kitchen ceiling was to tumble down due to an unrepaired leak? Some of the private tenants have already experienced this and other ugly incidences that not only damage property but can also result into serious injuries.

 With statistics indicating that quarter a million tenants are footing the repair bills solely, landlords are estate agents have been put on the spot by the AIIC; it is their duty to ensure that tenants are comfortable and living in humane conditions. With an emergency repair response rate of 31% (repairs done within 24 hours), there is definitely room for improvement in order to deliver convenience to the tenants. It is also worrying to the AIIC that 23% of reported home appliance anomalies were repaired more than a week later. As a tenant, you have been empowered to speak out on emergency repair issues that are not dealt with in time.