The Choice of a HOME


Normally when you are hunting house without any preconceived choice of geography, you will foremost investigate facts pertaining to good transport links, age and condition, average prices, proximity to decent schools and crime rates.
Obviously if one has insight to such secret detail concerning future developments it will be a great help, however, it now seems nearly sufficient if you can only know whether Waitrose is planning a store in the area you investigate, because if the results of previous developments are to be trusted, the establishment of a Waitrose branch in an area could boost prices by as much as 50%.
Ask the estate agents London for inside information.


The Waitrose effect:

'The Wiatrose effect' is a neologism describing how an upmarket supermarket (in the correct spot, your area is the correct spot) can add 50% to the value of your home. The Waitrose effect will turn your middle class home into an upmarket dwelling without you lifting a finger.
That is not exactly how simple it is, yet the fact remains, the way the licensing of a beer hall in Mayfair will certainly plunge some values there, the arrival of a specific respected retail establishment in close proximity will also enhance the value of all Shoreditch apartments.
To support that claim, it has been reported that:
• Houses near Waitrose are 25% higher.
• Effect most marked in Chesire and London

Saville Row?

NO! Nothing to do with the famous street in Mayfair where the Beatles installed their Apple offices at No 3, this Saville links to a chick called Sophie Chick from Savilles, an internationally respected estate agency which was established by one Alfred Saville back in 1855 and is listed on the London stock exchange, you may rightly respect their opinion.
Estate agents London, more specifically estate agents in Shoreditch, as well as most estate agents Bethnal Green support the analysis proffered by Savilles.
The analysis identified a very clear house price premium in Waitrose stores' locations.
They found that the typical price of properties with a Waitrose branch nearby was 25.3% higher.
To illustrate this statement clearly comparing like with like, a home in Buckighamshire will average at £380,000 while in Amersham, which houses (forgive the pun) a Waitrose branch typically costs £458,000, voila!
In London proper the situation is even more extreme, there a local branch can ad an astonishing 50+% to average prices.


Beware the Hype.

Conjointly to the 50% figure take into account, The Land Registry estimates the value of houses in London rise by £90 per DAY and that of all the houses in the UK valued at £1 mill or above, two thirds are in London. In stark contrast values depreciate in most other towns and cities including Birmingham, Bradford, Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester. Whatever you do, take the time to deliberate with your Nelsons estate agents London before finalising decisions.

No Guarantees.

Chick said: “It is difficult to state with certainty that a Waitrose opening will boost prices but it is clear buyers should expect to pay significantly more for their home if they wish to have a Waitrose on their doorstep.”
They further elaborated that they are not sure that a Waitrose gentrifies an area or perhaps the Chain chooses to only open in suburbs which are already upmarket and more expensive which makes it easier to absorb the dramatic increases. So?