Summer is the new Spring


Summer is the new spring when it comes to selling your home
While spring is the traditional busiest period of the year when it comes to selling a home, the market is moving towards being busy all year round. There have always been people who felt the summer months were more convenient for them but with the development of online property portals and improving technology, it is easier to make sales during the summer months. One of the biggest drawbacks in selling a home during the summer months related to people taking summer holidays. If the property owners had a holiday lined up, the potential buying party had another holiday lined up soon after and then the estate agent leading the sale had a separate holiday period booked up, this could be 6 to 8 weeks where there was no chance of meaningful contact between all parties. This is no longer the case as communicating around the world has become considerably easier thanks to digital communication channels. There is also the fact that estate agents can leave full details to their colleagues in a simpler and more concise manner, which means that the summer months are no longer a nightmare to get everyone together in the same place at the same time. There is also the fact that many people are taking holidays or breaks at other times of year, so the summer period no longer experiences the shutdown that it used to. The flexibility of modern life has some positive and negative elements but there is now no longer a period of the year where you naturally assume people will be unavailable. When you need the best support in selling property, calling on the leading Shoreditch estate agents will be of great benefit.

Lighter nights give you more time to conduct viewings
Another reason why so many people appreciate the summer months when selling a home is that the lighter nights provide more time to carry out viewings. The flexibility of shift patterns and the increasing demands of work or family life means that some people will not be able to view property during the standard hours. The good weather means that more time is available, which can only be of benefit if you are looking to sell your home.

Your garden areas should be in full bloom
Another very good reason to try and sell your home in the summer months is the fact that your garden should be in full bloom. If you don’t take care of your garden, this may not be of benefit, but if you have spent time ensuring your garden looks at its best, this is the time of year when it will grab attention.

You can open all of your windows and freshen up your home
You should also find that the summer months provide you with the ideal chance to open up the doors and windows of your home to freshen up the property. A fresh home is hugely appealing to potential buyers, so take advantage of the positive weather and sell your home in an effective manner.

If you are looking to sell your home, the summer months can be highly effective and calling on the leading estate agents in Shoreditch should help.