Some facts you need to know when buying a home in Bethnal green area



Bethnal Green is a district situated at the East side of London with a population of about twenty five thousand residents. It is located about 5.3kms. North-East from Charing Cross. Although, Bethnal Green is a multi-ethnic district, surprisingly majority of the population (about 47%) hail from Bangladesh. It is well connected to the city of London. There are a number of estate agents working in and around Bethnal Green district. Owing a house is every person’s dream or at least having a roof over the head whether rented or owned is what everyone’s basic need. Bethnal Green is carefully planned district although most of the constructions are old but it is a quiet and beautiful district to live. Besides beauty, the prices of houses on rent and sale are also affordable. The affordable price also makes it the number one choice for choosing as a habitat.

Bethnal Green estate agents

Bethnal Green is home to a mix of local, students, and professional population. The estate agents set the listings in accordance with the needs and wants of the multi-ethnic and diverse population. They deal with a number of vendors, tenants, buyers, and landlords in and around the Bethnal Green area. The listing prices range from 200,000 pounds up to 1,000,000 pounds for properties on sale and start from 1200 pounds for rented properties. The estate agents are available 7 days a week for providing better service to the customers. They also deal in investing in property and property valuation services in and around the Bethnal Green area.

The estate agents are specialists in property management and lettings. They cover the East and North parts of London city basically. The Bethnal Green estate agents keep in mind the multi-ethnic culture of the district in mind while making the listings for the property. The population of the district is diverse and people are mostly not of a very good paying potential. The real estate agents of this area keep everyone’s need in mind and also the pocket potential of the buyer. The properties for sale and letting are also of different specifications ranging from one bedroom accommodations to a five bedroom accommodation. Office space is also available for sale and rent to the corporate organizations. Prices vary according to the locality and space. The properties are also rented for a small duration. People can rent accommodations for a long duration or a short duration.

Nelsons sales are one such estate agency operating from Shoreditch, London Bridge, and Clapham. Their services range from buying, selling, and renting to valuation of property. They also offer studio apartments. This is one of the oldest estate agencies operating in London. The USP (Ultimate Selling Point) of this estate agency is that it deals in a variety of properties starting with the most affordable to luxurious. They make sure that nobody has to go without an accommodation and everyone’s needs are met.


Accommodation for tourists is also available on daily and weekly basis. There are a number of listed buildings available for rent to the tourists and people staying for a short duration. The property choices and availability vary from person to person. There is everything available to everyone. Estate agents make sure that nobody goes disappointed from their doorstep. Needs of every person are met according to their pockets.