Should tenants turn to agents for help in changing light bulbs?


For a relatively longer period of time, real estate agents have been in existence. Their roles vary depending on the kind of tenants or prospective property owners. From allocation of quality houses to general house maintenance, the roles of these individuals have changed overtime. Several services have been included in their packages, to an extent of tenants shifting to them for slight routine fix ups that they could possibly conduct on their own. The rising trend has seen an increase in the percentage of the tenants seeking certain petty services that leaves one wondering of their main roles as estate agents.

One of recently experienced cases is that of tenants reporting to the estate agents for change of lighting bulbs. Despite this process of bulb replacement taking a relatively shorter period of time, the tenants still go ahead with anticipation of positive feedback and quick action. This is often driven by the wrong perception that the sole duty of a tenant is payment of rents and other inclusive charges, nothing more. It might be quite understandable that not all people are endowed with electrical knowledge but this is a service that one can comfortably carry out without the involvement of these personnel.

A trend is also rising of tenants involving the respective estate agents in the replacement of loose door knobs. Cases have been reported of tenants consulting these individuals as soon as the nuts are loose, not even after the breakdown. With just a few masonry tools, this problem takes a couple of minutes to solve. For this particular group of tenants, however, this is part of the maintenance services that the estate agents are paid for. It might sound awkward, but this is a task that one can comfortably complete without involving these people. This will not only boost your relations with the involved agents but also foster that mutual respect that is expected between a tenant and estate agent.

Awkwardly enough, certain estate agents have been approached to deal with case of blocked sinks. Being used exclusively by the tenant’s family, problems arising from sinks should be sorted out by the tenants. Having blocked the drainage system of the sink with other solid materials, the tenants go ahead to contact the agent with a view of having the situation rectified. Typically, it barely takes ten minutes to open up the rear part of the sink to sort out the problem. But for the fact that they pay rent monthly without default, these tenets believe that such types of duties are designed for the state agents.

Of all the individuals involved in this career, estate agents have the funniest side of these wild uprising tasks. Fixing the curtain rings in the window frames is one of the tasks that will barely cost one a few of his minutes. For the tenants of this estate however, this is part of the maintenance services included in the estate agents’ duties. It becomes worse when a male agent is approached by a lady tenant to discharge this kind of duty, a task that is seen to be within the lady’s scope of responsibilities. Whichever way our society is headed to, a sense of responsibility is necessary without having to stretch beyond the expected boundaries.