Shoreditch: Home of Romeo & Juliet


Archaeologists have discovered the remains from Shakespeare’s original “Curtain theatre”, in the heart of Shoreditch. This is now the second theatre discovered in Shoreditch which has close ties to Shakespeare.

Hewett Street , now home to many of Shoreditch’s day parties, has a greater street presence than initially anticipated, it is claimed to be the location for the first ever performance of Shakespeare’s much loved “Henry V” and “Romeo & Juliet”…

Back in the 17th century, the theatre was lost and the precise location was never discovered until now. Members on the Museum of London Archaeology (who also discovered have located two well preserved segments of the original external wall, a paved sheep bone yard, several remains of clay pipes and china tiles. The MoLA team are working extremely hard to uncover more history and are confident they will be able to calculate the original size of the theatre.

The rumour has it that the theatre was knocked down and parts were shipped across the Thames to use in constructing The Globe Theatre after the Leaseholder fell out with his landlord.

So next time you find yourself walking along Hewett Street, don’t forget to look out for your Juliet (or Romeo)…