Property rises 9000% in value!!


An interesting story I saw pop up in  my inbox this morning from property talk explained that Buckingham Palace has rocketed in value by a staggering 9000% since 1952, which is when the Queen came to the thrown.

According to Nationwide Building Society the palace was worth a whooping £11 million in 1952, fast forward 60 years and any purchaser would be looking to part with a staggering one billion pounds to transfer deeds!

Our Queen seems to be doing very well with regards to property with Windsor Castle increasing in value by 9350%, that’s from £2 million in 1952 up to £189 million today.

Luckily it is not just the queen to have benefited from increased property values, according to “Nationwide’s House price” Uk house prices have increased from an average of £1,891 in 1952 to an average of £162,722 in 2012!