Planning your move.


So you have decided to move, now the planning starts.  It is important to plan ahead to avoid the stress later. Go from room to room and decide what will be staying and what will be moving with you. 

• Book the removal professionals – You will more than likely need to hire a professional removal company and it is important that they are professional.  Try to go with a recommended company why not look through to make sure you are dealing with a fully vetted company.

• Are they covered?  -- So you have chosen the removal company, but are they insured, make sure you check the amount of cover they offer.

• Plan – Make sure you ask appropriate questions , What time will they arrive? What size is the van? How many workers will be attending?  You want to make sure that the van will fit your big bulky furniture and that there is enough man power to move it!

• Keys – Make sure the removal company has a set of keys as delays can be costly. Ideally make sure the company has a key the day before the big move.  You do not want a Van waiting outside without access.

• Plan for your new property – Decide what each room of your new property will be used for and let your removal company know.  This way the company will know where to unload each box which will save you time when you are unpacking.

• Take Care – Make sure you protect your fragile valuables.  Use lots of bubble wrap and newspapers to avoid breakage.

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