Make That First Impression Count When Selling Your Home


Make That First Impression Count When Selling Your Home
With a high level of competition in the property market, it is essential to create the best first impression when selling your home and these tips should help homeowners reach out to potential buyers. Shoreditch estate agents; Nelsons offer some valuable advice to its vendors:

Curb appeal
Even before a potential buyer has stepped foot on your property, they will have formed an opinion of your home. Curb appeal is a big factor in creating a positive first impression and there is a lot to be said for taking the time to view your property from different angles as you approach it.

Simple things like keeping paths clean and tidy, painting windows, ensuring bushes are trimmed and the lawn is in good condition will all help to create a positive impression at your property.

Take care of your garden
Following on from curb appeal and what people see when they approach your home is your garden area. You need to make sure that your garden is tidy and that all weeds have been removed. If a potential buyer sees weeds on your path, they’ll have concerns about the overall condition of the property so take steps to remove these aspects from your garden.

Your front door should be welcoming
Your front door has a big role to play in creating a positive first impression. You need to ensure your door is in good condition and that it offer security and safety at the home. You want to make sure your door is eye-catching but you don’t want it to be too loud in colour or out of step with front doors in the local area. This means that adding an accessory that is notable but not dominating can be of benefit when it comes to making a positive first impression with your door.

Start strong
You want to make sure the entrance area at your home is clean and tidy. You should then look to take the viewer to the best room in the downstairs area or in the area closest to the entrance point. There is a psychological bonus of starting strongly when it comes to the viewing, so know which room has your best features and show it off.

Focus on your kitchen
As the hub of modern family life, the kitchen is regularly cited as being the room that creates the strongest impression for any potential buyer. You need to ensure that there is no clutter in your kitchen, that the floors and worktops are spotless and that there is a sense of order in the kitchen. You should also look to ensure that any repair work has been undertaken and adding some new features to your kitchen can make a big difference in how people view it.

Offering a freshly decorated home to potential buyers is a positive step to make but you need to decorate the home in a neutral and tasteful way. Some property owners believe that having a memorable look or style will ensure their property remains in the mind of a potential buyer but in reality, a bright, garish or loud style in a home is a turn-off for most buyers.