That is not the name of a new self raising flour, it's what happens to house prices in London, while the cake is falling flat in the majority of other cooking areas.
This startling information supplied by the Land Registry states house prices in London are rising by as much as £90-00 per DAY (including weekends, when London climbs they are not deterred by Union regulations), while the Liverpudlian loses a Tenner per DAY on his shack and Manchester not much better at Minus 9 with Leeds following at £7 down and Sheffield leading at only minus £1-10 every day, cor blimey.

Check this, the value gulf between the capital and the rest of the UK is astounding with London at an all time high with the average house going for £375,000 having soared by 9.6% the last 12 months and elsewhere the drop has been as much as 16.5% in the same year, another cor blimey.
This is like Christmas every day for estate agents London,


The sky certainly seems to be the limit in our London. The most exclusive spot is the Royal Borough of Kensington Chelsea where the average home is valued at £1.1 million up by 120,000 pounds the last year, enough to make you cry, either with joy or sorrow, depending - - -
Of all the properties sold for more than 1million, two thirds are in London and hold your breath, around 13 (is that Un-lucky or what?) change hands in London for more that £1 mill, every day.
How much we wonder, will that fact benefit Bethnal Green estate agents?


Since Peter Hain hugged the lime light during the days of “appartheid” in South Africa, a word created in that Country, for that country and here it raises it's ugly head again, in the office of the Land Registry, yet with a completely different meaning. They said; house prices in the rest of the country tells a different story fuelling an unprecedented property appartheid (correct spelling is with 2 P's) between the capital and the rest of the country. Casualties are worst in Liverpool, Leeds, Birmingham, Bolton, Bradford, Bury, Manchester, Oldham, Selford, Stockport, Wakefield, Wigan and Wolverhampton.
The average house price in England and Wales, outside of London, (of course Wales is not In) is £162,000, far less than half of London's, which does not bother the estate agents Nelsons in London.
Some of the more expensive areas have been saved the drop, i.e. Surrey, Winston and Maidenhead where it actually increased as well.


The sales of 'best-in-class' properties are snapped up in the majority by international, mainly Asian buyers who ride the bargain market due to the 10 – 14% “discounts” due to the weakness of Sterling compared to their own currency.
Around one in four buyers are from Russia and noticeably from former republics Armenia, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. All round the percentage of foreign buyers have tipped over the 50% mark and a far higher percentage are the buyers in the £5 mill + country homes segment and for the first time British buyers have become the minority buyers in their own country. Rule Britannia now seems to read, “Britannia Ruled”.


We allow the last words to be from the esteemed estate agency Van Han, specifically from Giles Hannah the managing director: “There is no getting away from the fact that national average indices conceal significant regional differences.
“London is undoubtedly the big success story and is doing a good job of pulling up the national average”
Famous last words?