Government Announces Review into Safety Standards in Rented Homes


Most deaths caused by carbon monoxide seem to be due to faulty boiler installations. For this reason, the government announces review into safety standards in rented homes. This new review will contemplate whether new principles are required for installing smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. The government will not enable powers for launching a requirement for smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in private rented housing unless the amendment to the Energy Bill, which was made to the Lords, is implemented. This will only be possible if the review produces results, which will be determined by the current overlapping regulatory requirements and technical issues.

Tenants Can Now Have Something to Talk About

It is a good thing that the government is looking into the worries of the committee concerning the riskiness of carbon monoxide. Actually, it is a high time that something is done to combat with a silent killer that has left painful memories in many homes. The government needs to establish a rule for all rented homes with installed heating appliances to be fitted with carbon monoxide detectors. The announced review also targets rogue property owners with the intention of preventing people from being scammed when they rent residential property. The government is working on a process by which tenants can be able to raise their concerns regarding the safety standards in rented homes. Tenants do not need to suffer at the hands of unethical property owners. They need to be protected and offered a clear way on how to take action.

Better value for your money

The review of standards in private rented sector will ensure that the property is safe, well maintained, and properly managed. Today’s introductory package offers a new code of practice that sets out the standards property managers and property owners should meet. Their responsibility will include ensuring tenant do not pay for repairs using their own money and maintaining the property to a suitable level. In addition, the government is also working on establishing a robust system in place to confirm that tenants are provided with safe homes that align with the standards of sanitation and hygiene as well as protection from damp and unfavorable weather such as excess cold. If a rental property is found to have serious risks, the review will consider the property owner to repay the rent.

Red flag for agents

With this review, councils will be able to inspect rented properties and demand property owners to carry out maintenance where necessary. An action can also be taken against rogue property owners who are ignorant of the law and are continuing to lease out properties that are dirty, unacceptable, and dangerous. Thousands of tenants in England will get a worthy deal by renting a home under this policy. This new review will give many people confidence of demanding better standards when seeking (houses to rent in Islington). All agents including (estate agents Islington) will need to adhere to the new tenants’ charter, which allows tenants to demand for transparency on the letting fees. The charter also guides on which action to take in case if the agent introduces hidden fee.