Five Great Reasons to Live in Islington


Are you looking forward to living in another area in UK? There are lots of wonderful options to choose from as there are lots of beautiful places in UK. Islington is one of the locations where most people would choose to live or would choose to buy a property these days. What is it like to live in Islington? Here are five of the great reasons why Islington should be your next home.

Islington has a Diverse Neighbourhoods and People

You will definitely love how people various people interact with each other. Regardless of social classes, neighbourhoods are packed with students, young professionals, couples, and pensioners. Islington is a tranquil place with just the right mix of individuals and amenities. The diverse neighbourhoods also include various cafes and restaurants that are very accessible and relaxing. The houses feature different styles of architecture and sizes, but they live alongside each other without a trace of differences. If want a new kind of life and locality in UK which involves varied friends and neighbours to socialize with, Islington is the best place for you to live.

Islington has the Best Location and Transportation

If you want to live near central London without the hassle of the usual busy city life, Islington is the most appropriate choice for you. Since this location still belongs to zone 2, which is the central part of London, it’s easy to get to the city without having to live within it. Transportation is great in this area of London, because it has a laid back kind of traffic. Islington actually has the lowest number of cars registered per household in all of London according to the recent survey. This is the main reason why people love to live in Islington. Fewer cars mean less traffic jams, less accidents, and less air pollution.

Islington is Environmental Friendly

People love to own a home in this area, because of the fact that it’s environmental friendly. Both the government and the residents work to preserve the place to be energy efficient, pollution-free, and a greener dwelling to live in. There are several parks and local green areas that were set up in Islington to provide people a relaxing space to unwind within the region. It also features the Highbury Fields, which is the largest park of the area, the Islington Green with sculptures and benches, and the Barnard Park that includes an adventure playground for the children. If you need to breathe fresh air and a house closer to nature, you should live in Islington.

Islington has a Rich Culture and History

If you happen to visit and stroll around Islington, you will certainly see some of the oldest structures that hold an interesting history. There are several old buildings, chapels, theatres that are still standing strong until today. There are also antique shops along the streets of Camden Passage that you can visit to buy some great old-fashioned stuff. Four cultural theatres are just a walking distance from each other. You can enjoy British and International dramas from these theatres, namely The King’s Head and Pub which has satisfied audiences since Shakespeare’s time and the Tower Theatre and many more. You will discover more about the amazing culture of London in Islington.

Islington has Great Shopping Areas

One of the best areas for great shopping in London is found in Islington. Since it’s near London, numerous branded shops have opened in High Street, Upper Street, and along St. Paul’s Road in Islington. More people prefer to shop in Islington, because it’s less crowded with people and more stocks for the fashion pieces that they want. If you enjoy shopping, you will surely find Islington the best place to do it. Along the shops and boutiques, you will also find high-end restaurants and delis that offer some of the best organic food to eat.

Islington has never been this exciting. It was a silent part of London, but today it’s becoming more popular as people view it as a good environment for establishing their own families and a place of new investments to grow. Don’t waste your chance to live in Islington, because it can give you the best life you and your family can have. What is it like to live in Islington? It’s more that great and it’s for you to find out, so visit the place now and consider some of the best features of the place. You will never regret buying a house and living in Islington.