Feng Shui Dashes Real Estate Agents Hopes


Most estate agents in Shoreditch and others around the globe are highly optimistic that their business prospects will definitely rise in 2014 after facing some of the toughest years in their career for a long time. If you belong in this category, it is best not to continue reading. This is because a feng shui master has apparently said that the outlook for the Year of the Horse, the Chinese New Year does not look promising in regards to the property industry as reported by Propertini. Does this worry you? At this point most professionals might have the “so what” attitude especially due to the fact that the origin of this “prophesy of doom” did not come from UK but from the US.

It is recommended that you read on as there are some factors that you might want to consider. This is simply because feng shui is not only dealing with moving furniture around. In fact the Chinese philosophy that has been used for a long time as a sign of harmonization is fast becoming well recognized as a very vital aspect to some of the Chinese people who are in the market looking to buy homes. This can affect the market in a huge way as they may end up reconsidering the option of finally buying a home in the year 2014.

Dr Lee Shing Chak also said that the Year of the Horse is considered one that will be characterized by economic flux something that is not really good for anyone who is looking into property investment. He said this just before the lunar year that commenced last week. He continued to say that horses should be considered as creatures that tend to charge when in motion and that they are not really flexible when it comes to changing direction.

This can be applied when a person wants to make a move on any investment decision. He advised that the best step to take so that you can do extremely well and avoid any regrets in the Year of the Horse is to try and be as flexible as possible. This means that you should always ne ready to go through changes that you did not expect at the end of the day. For this reason, it might be better to look into the options you have in terms of houses to rent in Islington rather than buying and hold off the purchase decision until you are really sure.

Rhys Davies the CEO of Popertini added to this saying that it could not be seen as an unusual trend. He said that the company had widely consulted with some of their colleagues who render their services in Asia and they reported that there is a portion of the market that actually believes in this thus actively makes considerations based on feng shui when they want to buy any type of property. Davies also reported that they had seen similar trends when studying the UK market which confirms that this is not only a foreign concept especially in the regions around Chinatown in both London and Manchester.