Canary Wharf - Exciting and progressive area to live and work


As the shipping industry has grown, and more effective and new larger container ports were built, smaller inner city ports have undergone an amazing transformation.

Since the late 80's, many of these old abandoned ports and storage facilities are rejuvenated and brought to life as new residential, leisure and commercial space. Often modern beach homes retain a sense of their heritage with their names like Canary Wharf in London Docklands.

Canary Wharf is London's flagship business area and is also a centre of technology.

It is regarded as the most exciting and progressive area to live and work in London. You will find appealing mixture of concrete structures, glass and steel, complete with gardens, which are in abundance.

With cutting-edge modern homes and a strategic location that can inspire every aspiring city slicker, Canary Wharf property boasts a stunning range of facilities. It is not surprising that this place is one of the most desirable urban areas in London.

As its name suggests, Canary Wharf is surrounded by water, adding an aesthetically pleasing aspect of the whole area. The location is generously developed and is dominated mainly by the imposingly tall structures that serve as office space, the main use of the wharf area. Canary Wharf is the distinction of three of the tallest buildings in the UK, which one is Canada Square (or more affectionately called one Canary Wharf), residential Citigroup and HSBC Center tower.

Although designed primarily as a related business, Canary Wharf exceeds its goal by offering other attractions. As an attractive location in London, this destination offers many restaurants, entertainment and shopping options besides various art programs and events that add to the appeal.

As sensational working environment, Canary Wharf features a number of open air spaces, parks, alleys and squares ... ideal of extended hours for lunch, afternoon stroll or innovative negotiating position. The area is really designed for tourists of all kinds of visits (short and long).

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