Barclays Makes It Even Easier: HTB, BTL, LTB and FSL which is TMTS


The poor Lexicographers at OED, CPSD and WWWCD have such a hard time keeping abreast with the multitude of acronyms which keep popping up and flying around, for a while anyway. For those readers who are not employed by one of the preceding abbreviated Dictionaries, nor full time estate agents in London, the acronyms in the title translate as follows; HTB will be Help To Buy, BTL equals Buy To Let, LTV represents Loan to Value and FLS will mean Funding for Lending Scheme and of course TMTS = Too Much To Swallow.


Barclays have cut the rate on its Help to Buy, residential and Buy To Let product ranges and they also launched a new 90 per cent LTV five-year fixed rate at 4.89 per cent BTL. Now that we are in the swing of things we may comfortably bandy these ABC's around and fortunately there will be more property sales for the Islington estate agents.  
Barclays also increased the net lending under the FLS by a greater amount than any other lender, demonstrating its commitment to supporting people by giving access to finance, grow their business, buy a new home or improve their quality of life

That is what scores of discerning financial experts are screaming against, the “improvement of quality of life” of the “under-deserving” which the British Government and the Banking Crime Lords (Sorry, Not our choice of words) are force feeding the populace, 'We will improve your quality of your life for you, you do not have to do a thing, just come sign this form and you will be elevated to Nirvana and on the way there we will throw in a very nice property, which you could never afford when you had to actually work for it. Then you go back and live in your council dwelling while collecting a rent on your unaffordable house which some sucker rents because he is too proud to defraud the local government into providing him with a council dwelling,'

Do any Gov. officials or bankers ever watch Max Keiser of the Keiser Report? This bubble created by making properties affordable to virtually any person, charging lowest interest and interest only re-payments, while simultaneously artificially increasing property values inflationary, so the buyer will always be able to sell that acquired property for more than he owes and no more going on a UK property search.


“This is a real boost for UK home buyers, giving them access to cheaper mortgage deals, brought about by the combination of the low base rate and the continued benefits of the Funding for Lending Scheme. Fixed rates are proving increasingly popular with borrowers who are looking for the certainty of securing their mortgage payments over the longer term and we have helped these customers by giving them access to some of our lowest ever fixed rates in 2013, including the 10-year fixed launched today.” As estate agents at Nelsons in London we welcome the opportunity of a wider base to the property market.
“As well as being of benefit to home buyers, these products are also available to re-mortgage customers. With mortgage rates at historic lows, we would encourage existing home owners to review their mortgage as they could benefit from substantial cost savings.”


Andy Gray said: “We know that people are struggling to get on the property ladder and save big deposits for their home move and so these changes will mean that those borrowers with smaller deposits can now secure better rates.
The buy-to-let market continues to grow and today’s changes are about ensuring that we continue to offer landlords good choice and access to great deals.”
And the price of a 1 bedroom house to rent in London goes through the roof.